Case Studies Offered:

Case Studies

Continuous Oven with Integrated Cooler


A premium gearmotor manufacturer had been curing adhesive used in the assembly of electric motor stators with a batch oven.   This process required manually loading racks which were then rolled into the oven chamber.  After the adhesive had cured, the racks would be moved out of the oven to cool the stators.  The loading and unloading of racks and the space required to store racks as the stators cooled took too much time and required too much floor space.

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Aluminum Annealing Ovens with Product Carts

aluminum age oven case study

A general contractor came to HeatTek with an opportunity to provide several aluminum annealing ovens and controls in a facility that produces industrial-grade aluminum foil.

The contractor was familiar with HeatTek due to a recent project where an aerospace components dryer was supplied on time and under budget.

The end user top priority was safety and the requirements of the equipment included:

  • must be durable
  • operate safely
  • operate efficiently in a high volume and demanding 24/7 industrial environment
  • protect the operators and other plant production workers in the immediate area
  • meet the latest NFPA, IEC, and OSHA requirements

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Stress Relief Car Furnace

box furnance

Manufacturing costs for heat treating, transportation, and delays in processing time were all factors in qualifying the return on investment of a new furnace.

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Slat Conveyor Oven Case Study

Slat Conveyor Oven Case Study

A Tier 1 automotive supplier needed 3 slat conveyor ovens for thermal testing of occupant safety-related parts to meet stringent DOT standards.

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Powder Coating Motor Armatures Case Study Powder Coating Motor Armatures

The armatures were being coated by manually dipping the parts in a fluidized bed. The dipping process was difficult for the employee and it exposed the operator to the coating process.

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