Automotive Conveyor Furnaces & Ovens

HeatTek’s custom products division utilizes our in-house experience, lab testing capabilities, and the latest technology available to deliver custom solutions for the automotive industry. We believe we’ve assembled the best team in the industry and we take pride in making sure that each customer and project meets the exact specifications of the machine.

Our team designs, builds and installs custom heat processing systems from cooling systems to heat treat systems rated up to 2000°F (1093°C).  Our systems increase production, reduce scrap due to tight control of the operating requirements and can improve quality when that is the goal. 

Processes for Automotive

Automotive conveyor furnaces & ovens are used in applications such as tempering, annealing, heat-forming and curing. Since 2000, HeatTek has manufactured thermal heating solutions for the automotive to meet their specific needs.

Please see below for some of the customs processes we’ve manufactured:

  • Aluminum Aging
  • Aluminum Heat Treating
  • Curing of coatings
  • Curing of sealants and adhesives
  • Paint Curing Systems
  • Powder Curing
  • Cleaning and Drying parts
  • Conveying Systems
  • Complete Process Lines
  • Individual systems integrated into the process line

Heat Processing Equipment

HeatTek offers an extensive line of products for automotive applications, including:

Applications within the Automotive Industry

HeatTek has been a leader in manufacturing thermal heating solutions to help top automotive manufactures make parts for their upcoming electric cars. We’ve worked with companies such as BASF, GM, Ford, Tesla, Lucid and Hitachi to assist with expanding on their electric car initiatives.

We have extensive experience serving automotive OEMs and System Integrators, including the following applications below:

  • Starter and hybrid motor coating systems for electric vehicles, signal lamps, underhood components.
  • Dryers and Calciners for exhaust systems
  • Airbag test chambers
  • Foam seat curing systems
  • Gasket coating curing systems 

As a custom manufacturer, we can create the exact heat treating solution to meet your needs.

We welcome you to visit our facility and see our capabilities and newly expanded manufacturing facility for yourself.  Contact us today to learn more about our automotive conveyor ovens and furnace capabilities.