Industrial Box Furnace

HeatTek, Inc. manufactures world-class box furnaces for the heat treating and foundry industries. We offer a range of sizes and heating systems designed to meet the unique requirements of our clients’ applications. At HeatTek, we are committed to providing the box furnace configurations that will meet your requirements – whether you are looking for a box furnace for a new process or a replacement furnace for an existing production line.

HeatTek has earned a reputation for manufacturing high qualitybox furnaces designed specifically for the heat treating and foundry industries. We make it our job to understand your industry and have experience in providing solutions for your manufacturing challenges. Our standard line of furnaces offers a wide range of options and we offer a line of custom furnaces to meet unique requirements.

Our box furnaces are used for stress relieving, annealing, tempering, hardening, sintering and firing applications.

Box Furnace Features

  • Sizes ranging from small, self-supported chambers to large chambers loaded horizontally or top loaded pit furnaces loaded by an overhead crane.
  • Electric, direct gas-fired heating or indirect gas heating systems.
  • Single- or multiple-zone heated chambers.
  • Temperature ranges up to 2,000°F, with close tolerance uniformity.
  • Microprocessor-based temperature controls.
  • Heavy gauge steel shell construction with lightweight, energy-saving insulation.
  • Options include pneumatic or hydraulic door openers, view ports, sealed chambers with atmosphere control, quench tanks, PLC controls, automatic load-unload, data management, integrated controls.

We meet with each client to determine your exact requirements and select the best box furnace configuration for your application. HeatTek offers expert installation services and maintenance services, so you can be assured your furnace will perform at maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

HeatTek is committed to manufacturing the highest quality box furnaces, supported by superior customer service and industry expertise. Call today to see how we can solve your manufacturing challenge.

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