Drop Bottom Furnaces

Drop bottom furnaces are used primarily for aluminum solution heat treating. HeatTek designs include the latest construction techniques, insulation systems and control packages to ensure our drop bottom furnaces set the industry standard. Our custom drop bottom furnaces can be designed to suit your specific industrial application.

Drop Bottom Furnace Features

  • Quench systems utilize either straight water or varying concentrations of glycol water mixtures and are temperature controlled to match final desired end results. Air quench options are also available.
  • Control systems visually monitor tank loading and automatic rack hooking operations keeping the operator away from the furnace and moving equipment.
  • Temperature uniformities meet MIL and aerospace specifications requiring +/- 5 degrees F of maximum temperature spread.
  • Furnace chambers meet ASM-2750E heat treat requirements for temperature uniformity and precise heating of workloads.
  • Industry applications include aerospace, automotive and foundry processes.
  • Data acquisition systems monitor all phases of the process and are developed to send this information to the end user's in house network. Local monitoring and live displays of in process information give operators real time useful information.

Need a part? View our drop bottom furnace spare parts.