Annealing Furnaces

HeatTek designs and builds annealing furnaces for aluminum and steel heat treating processes. These processes include solution heat treating of aluminum and annealing of steel. HeatTek custom annealing furnace designs provide precise control of temperature by proper circulation from circulation fans or excess air from burners ensuring that desired properties are achieved.

Custom Annealing Furnaces

HeatTek’s custom electric annealing furnace design styles include drop-bottom, car-bottom (hot and cold car), powered roller hearth and pusher style furnaces. HeatTek designs feature the latest in insulation technology, robust construction, the latest controls, including information gathering data acquisition hardware and software. We also offer furnace spare parts.

Aftermarket Services & Spare Parts

We provide aftermarket services and spare parts for all custom electric annealing furnaces. We offer a reliable source of high-quality replacement parts and components for industrial annealing furnaces manufactured by HeatTek and other manufacturers. Through our extensive industry experience, we understand the importance of repairing your equipment as fast as possible to minimize production downtown and our dedicated spare parts team is ready to help you.

Types of Spare Parts include:

  • Combustion components, including burners, flame rods, regulators, igniters and pressure switches
  • Conveyors, chain, fixtures, and tooling
  • Electrical components, including fuses, relays, switches and controllers
  • Drives, motors and transmissions
  • Fans, blowers and air kits
  • Pumps, valves, nozzles and pipe fittings
  • Replacement insulation and panels