Industrial Conveyor Ovens

Options included with the belt conveyor ovens are: forced air or chilled air cool down systems, air blow-off units and in-line washers.

We also offer expert installation services and maintenance services, so you can be assured your oven will perform at maximum efficiency and effectiveness.HeatTek is committed to manufacturing the highest quality belt conveyor ovens, supported by our superior customer service and industry expertise.

Features of our belt conveyor ovens include:

  • Flat wire belting in high carbon steel, stainless steel alloys and polypropylene
  • Electric, direct gas-fired heat or indirect gas heating systems using top-down, bottom-up or top-bottom air flow patterns
  • Controlled atmospheres
  • Variable speed conveyor controls
  • Automated feed loading and unloading
  • Temperature ranges up 
  • Microprocessor-based 
  • Data acquisition systems 
  • Heavy gauge steel shell 
  • Energy efficient construction 

HeatTek, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of custom belt conveyor ovens. We have earned our reputation for high quality ovens by delivering high performance, low maintenance belt conveyor ovens, supported by superior customer service. Our engineers will work with you to design a custom conveyor oven that meets your specific requirements, ensuring maximum performance.

Our innovative belt conveyor ovens are used for industrial applications, including curing, drying, preheating, aging, tempering and annealing, in the processing, packaging, plastics, rubber, automotive and metalworking industries.