Equipment Assessment Services

With aging equipment, it’s often difficult to decide whether to replace it with a new system or to invest in a rebuild or retrofit. HeatTek’s team of industry experts can conduct an in-depth assessment of your oven’s performance, component parts and ultimately, its ability to meet modern standards.

HeatTek will audit current equipment conditions and provide recommendations for process improvements. HeatTek’s assessment services are available for ovens built by any manufacturer.

How does your equipment compare to others in the industry?

HeatTek’s assessment can include an analysis of all vital components as compared to industry standards:

  • Belt Speed
  • Production Rates
  • Spoilage Rates
  • Oven Temperatures
  • Dwell Times
  • Oven Hold Time
  • Pack Density
  • Nozzle Efficiency
  • Explosion Relief
  • NFPA 86 Compliance

HeatTek will take this information and compile a full report of recommendations. If the audit results prompt further action, HeatTek can partner with you to compile a plan that will work for your facility and help to achieve your operational goals.