Multi-stage Washers and Rinsers

HeatTek has decades of experience building and servicing multi-stage washers and rinsers. With in-depth system and process knowledge, HeatTek can provide you with a washer built to your specifications and production requirements. From our proprietary hold down bearing box seal to hot dip passivation, we take every measure to ensure prolonged life and full optimization of the system for your facility.

Customized specifications include:

  • Material - aluminum beverage cans, cups, and steel food cans
  • Production Rate – up to 6,000 CPM
  • Belt Width – up to 8 feet
  • Pack Density – 95%
  • Material Handling - 1” x 1” 316L Stainless Steel Flat Wire Belt or Intralox Series 9000 Flush Grid PVDF Plastic Belt
  • Slide Bed – 316L Stainless Steel herringbone
  • Hold-down conveyor - supplied pre-wash and wash stages with height adjustment
  • Hold Down Belt - Ashworth Chemgaurd Prestoflex Plastic Belt or Intralox S9000 Flush Grid PVDF Plastic Belt
  • Hold Down Bearing Box - Utilizes 316L Labyrinth seal with expanded PTFE gasket
  • Blow-offs - plug fan air knife blow-offs between stages of the washer with height adjustment
  • Vacuum Belt Wipes - Vacuum Belt wipes to be located between stages 2/3A, 3B/4, and 7/vacuum transfer or per customer requirements
  • Pump Skid - modular pump skid for mounting pumps, heat exchangers, and filters
  • Pumps – Goulds ANSI 3196 series horizontal centrifugal pumps constructed of 316L Stainless Steel
  • Available Stages - Pre-rinse, Pre-wash, Wash, Drag-out #1, Rinse #1, Treatment, Drag-out #2, Rinse #2, DI, Mobility Enhancer, Misting
  • Heated Stages - Pre-wash, Wash, and Treatment via externally mounted plate and frame heat exchangers
  • Process Tanks - all tanks are constructed with 316L stainless steel, 7-gauge, hot nitric dip passivated and pickled
  • Process Piping - all process piping provided will be 316L stainless steel (Hot Dip Passivated) or Schedule 80 CPVC
  • Risers - risers will be 316L stainless steel with quick disconnects on each riser to manifold (Hot Nitric Dip Passivated and pickled)
  • Nozzles - spraying Systems Veejet 316SS or Veejet QPTA per customer requirements
  • Fresh Water Manifold - Schedule 80 CPVC or 316L Stainless Steel Fresh Water System
  • Washer Housing - the housing for all stages will be 316L stainless steel, 11-guage
  • Washer Access - Roof-mounted access doors will be provided along the entire length of the washer Stage access doors will be provided in each spray zone and at blow-offs
  • Exhaust - Washer tunnel exhaust will be ducted from Stages 1 (Pre-rinse) and 2 (Wash) to a common connection with a tube-axial exhaust fan to be mounted on the roof with a mist elimination system included
  • Vacuum Transfer - multiple zones with height adjustment for multiple can sizes
  • Power Source – to suit customer requirements
  • Heat Medium – Hot water or steam
  • Heat Source – to suit customer requirements
  • VFD - Variable Frequency Drives will control the operation of washer conveyors, hold down conveyors, vacuum transfer, and oven conveyors


Rebuilds and Upgrades

With HeatTek’s years of industry knowledge and experience, we can rebuild and upgrade your aging washer. Whether it be a new control system to meet current modern standards, conveying upgrades, or a housing rebuild, HeatTek has the know-how and capability to meet your needs. We can provide a fully engineered solution to optimize washer performance for years to come. To learn more about options, click here.


Commitment to Sustainability


Along with the world’s leading can makers, HeatTek understands and supports the importance of sustainable technology and net zero processes. Every detail is considered when engineering each of HeatTek’s Evolve Systems to ensure your sustainability goals are met or exceeded.


  • Reduced gas usage through airflow and temperature optimization
  • Minimized virgin water usage and chemical usage through RO technology
  • Options for natural gas alternatives such as electric and infrared technology
  • Recycled materials
  • Consultations and audits for current system health and sustainability impact