Dip Tanks

With decades of industry experience, HeatTek offers premium dip tanks for any application. Customers can choose from our pre-designed dip tanks or a custom design to meet their exact requirements.

Tanks can be built for dipping single racks of parts or built for multiple dipping and drain positions. HeatTek dip tanks can accommodate any type of cleaning solution, resin or epoxy.

Additional options for dip tank systems can include:

  • Standard or custom tank sizes
  • Construction with mild steel or stainless steel
  • Conveyor systems including overhead hoists, jib cranes or automated indexing lift systems
  • Controls including PLC/HMI options and automated cycle recipes or individual manually activated switch control for turning on pumps, fans and lift mechanisms
  • Ventilation systems for fume and steam containment
  • Heating and cooling systems integrated into the cycle process water
  • Pumping systems - diaphragm pumps and progressive cavity pumps for circulation
  • Propeller blades, eductor nozzle and spray risers used to increase turbulence in the solution
  • CO2 Fire protection systems or water spray systems to protect work areas if caustic or solvent laden cleaning solutions are used
  • Automatic doors and covers incorporated into the design to utilize pneumatic, hydraulic or electric power


Cleaning applications:

  • Oil and chip removal
  • Scale removal
  • Oxidation reduction

Coating applications:

  • Chemical coating applications
  • Paint applications
  • Varnish and resin applications