Paint/Coating Cure Ovens

HeatTek designs and manufactures custom ovens for drying and curing paint and other coatings on a wide variety of products. 

HeatTek’s ovens are custom designed for each application based on the customer’s process and volume needs. HeatTek’s personnel work closely with the customer to develop thermal process equipment that will meet and often exceed the customer’s desired quality standards. When the process requirements are unknown, HeatTek uses its Process Development Center to determine the proper air flow, temperature and resident time to achieve the customer’s desired coating results. 

Our experience in the coating industry allows for the design of both factory-built and field-assembled equipment. We are committed to manufacturing the highest quality oven, supported by our superior customer service and industry expertise. 

HeatTek considers a multitude of design criteria for every application:


  • Heating type: convection, infrared, resistance, or induction 
  • Heat source: gas, electric, hot water and steam 
  • Type of cooling required: ambient air or chilled air
  • Number of zones
  • Type and amount of airflow
  • Exhaust amount to meet NFPA and OSHA ventilation requirements
  • Safety aspects considered for electrical design, explosion relief and operator safety
  • Type of controls for the oven and how it will integrate with an entire line


Paint/Coating Cure Ovens Support Equipment and Services 


HeatTek offers complete turnkey paint and coating cure ovens. These ovens are available with the following supplemental equipment and services:

Paint/Coating Cure Ovens Spare Parts 

We offer a reliable source of high-quality replacement parts and components for paint and coating cure ovens manufactured by HeatTek and other manufacturers. Through our extensive industry experience, we understand the importance of repairing your equipment as quickly as possible to minimize production downtime. HeatTek’s dedicated spare parts team is ready to help you. 

 Spare Parts offered: 

  • Combustion components: burners, flame rods, regulators, igniters, and pressure switches
  • Conveyors, chains, fixtures, and tooling
  • Electrical components: fuses, relays, switches, and controllers
  • Drives, motors, and transmissions
  • Fans, blowers, and air kits
  • Pumps, valves, nozzles, and pipe fittings
  • Insulated panels and insulation