Industrial Convection Heaters

The primary design of the ovens designed and built by HeatTek are convection heating systems. Convection air heating is the most common heating method used in industry today. The convection heating principle is based on the principle of moving hot air past a part or object at a velocity that allows transfer of the heated air to the part.

Convection heating systems are heated by either gas or electricity, but the basic principles of delivering the energy to the product is the same. Air in the system is heated and then recirculated by a fan throughout the system to distribute the heat, allowing for easily controlled and consistent heating.  The more air changes through an oven chamber per minute improves the temperature uniformity and reduces the overall temperature variations in the work chamber.

Advantages of Convection Air Heating Systems 

The main advantage of our convection heating systems is the benefit of temperature uniformity.  Knowing and moving the right amount of controlled air gives us continuous predictable temperatures throughout an ovens work chamber. At the start if each project, HeatTek will perform calculations that factor in items such as product load, operating temperatures, chamber size,  heat up rates, product loading density, opening sizes, insulation density, and exhaust volume. Accounting for all of these design factors ensures consistent heating throughout operation. 

Convection Heating Applications

Our convection heating systems can be used in a wide array of industrial applications, including: 

We serve a wide variety of industries, including aerospace, automobile manufacturer, Motor manufacture, medical and healthcare, oil and gas, plastics and rubber production, wood finishing, and more.

Convection Air Heating Equipment Rebuilds and Modifications

We not only engineer and manufacture convection heating systems ovens for our customers, but we also make modifications to existing equipment. This allows you to keep running your heat process equipment efficiently and reliably for years to come, all while streamlining your operations incorporating the latest burner, fans and controls.

Additional Services

At HeatTek, we provide many services to assist you with heat processes. Alongside the design and production of convection air heating equipment, we also provide:

  • Engineering services
  • Air cooling systems
  • Fire protection systems
  • Training
  • Installation
  • Start up services
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Spare parts

To learn more about the services we provide, contact HeatTek today.