Aluminum Age Batch Ovens

HeatTek aluminum age batch ovens are custom designed and built to meet the industries toughest MIL Spec and industry standards that produce the desired quality that your product requires. The correct combination of air distribution and velocity are the key to HeatTek convection ovens. Whether the heating method is gas fired directly or indirectly, electric heating or steam heating, our equipment is designed to meet your daily needs.

Our aluminum age ovens are manufactured with the following attributes:

  • Designed using aluminized steel construction, keeping the systems clean and minimizing maintenance
  • Loads are designed to be loaded into the work zone by automatic conveyors.
  • Processing times and temperatures are controlled and timed automatically using PLC's and Operator Interfaces.
  • Data acquisition with multiple point temperature readings are made available using multipoint paper or paperless recorders.

All aluminum aging batch ovens are certified for temperature uniformity requirements prior to shipment and as a service by HeatTek Service Technicians after your oven is in operation.

Need another kind of oven? See our products page for furnace, washer and VPI options offered by HeatTek.

Aging Oven Modifications & Rebuilds

When process requirements change, older aluminum age ovens can be modified or rebuilt to meet current design standards and increase throughput or efficiency. Changes include new conveyors, increased energy efficiency, longer dwell times in the heat zones and new controls. HeatTek will transform the equipment to “like new” conditions providing additional years of service at a comparatively lower cost.

Aluminum Age Ovens Support Equipment and Services

HeatTek offers complete turnkey systems. Other products and equipment offered with our systems include: