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Aircraft Heat Treating Systems & Equipment

HeatTek is a premier manufacturer of custom ovens and furnaces for the aerospace industry. We work with commercial, industrial, military and government organizations to enhance the durability of aircraft by supplying innovative ferrous and non-ferrous heat treat systems. HeatTek supplies equipment for processing plates, parts, forgings, investment castings and aluminum sheets.

Our thermal systems meet the toughest aviation industry standards including NADCAP, AMS 2750, ISO 9001:2015, AS9 100:2009 and BAC 5621. As a custom manufacturer, we can build an oven or furnace to meet your exact aerospace.

Heat Treating Systems Features & Benefits

Through HeatTek’s extensive aerospace experience, we understand the critical nature of aerospace applications. Our highly advanced controls and monitoring capabilities ensure valuable process data is extracted and saved for recordkeeping. This data can be sent to the end user's in-house data acquisition system, while local monitoring gives operators useful information in real-time. Our thermal process equipment ensures temperature uniformity and precise heating of workloads.

Aircraft Heat Treating Equipment Type

HeatTek offers an extensive line of products for aerospace & aircraft heat treat ovens, including:

Aerospace Aluminum Heat Treating Processes

Heat treating is the process of using heat and cold to change the physical properties of metal and composite parts. Heat-treating equipment can enhance the component’s strength, ductility and fatigue life. These properties are important in the aerospace industry to ensure the components can withstand the harsh demands of their environment.  

The treatment is applied to metal parts to harden, soften or relieve stress without changing the shape. Heat treating aircraft equipment and systems can also improve machining, formability or restore ductility after a cold forming operation.

Within the aerospace industry, HeatTek’s application experience includes:

Aerospace components that require heat treatment include engine components, structural hardware, door hinges, hydraulic fittings, landing gear, aircraft seat frames and much more.

In the aerospace industry, we have earned our reputation for high quality heat treat systems by delivering high performance, low maintenance systems, supported by superior customer service. Our engineers will work with you to design a custom system to meet your specific requirements, ensuring maximum performance and.

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