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Aircraft Heat Treating Systems & Equipment

HeatTek is a premier manufacturer of custom ovens and furnaces for the aerospace industry. We work with commercial, military and government organizations to enhance the durability of your aircraft. Our thermal systems meet the toughest aviation industry standards including NADCAP, AMS 2750 and BAC 5621. As a custom manufacturer, we are able to build an oven to your exact specifications.

With our extensive industry experience, we understand the critical nature of aerospace applications. Our custom controls and monitoring capabilities ensure that data is extracted and saved for recordkeeping purposes. This data can be sent to the end user's in-house data acquisition system, while local monitoring gives operators useful information in real-time. Our oven and furnace chambers ensure temperature uniformity and precise heating of workloads.

Processes used in Aerospace Industry:

Within the aerospace industry, HeatTek’s applications experience includes:

  • Aluminum heat treating
  • Aluminum aging
  • Solution heat treating
  • Titanium engine component heat treating
  • Chemical coating line dryers
  • Curing coatings
  • Paint curing
  • Sealants/coatings

Aircraft Heat Treating Equipment

HeatTek offers an extensive line of products for aerospace applications, including: