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Continuous Oven with Integrated Cooler

Industry: Electric Motor 

Application: Curing Adhesive

Product: Continuous Oven

Learn more below about how we were able to come to a solution for this company.

The Problem

A premium gearmotor manufacturer had been curing adhesive used in the assembly of electric motor stators with a batch oven. This process required manually loading racks which were then rolled into the oven chamber. After the adhesive had cured, the racks would be moved out of the oven to cool the stators. The loading and unloading of racks and the space required to store racks as the stators cooled took too much time and required too much floor space.

The Solution

HeatTek recommended an electrically heated Continuous Belt oven with an integrated cooling chamber.  The motor shells are immediately loaded after assembly on to a continuously moving conveyor.  The oven cures the adhesive at 360 °F in 30 minutes.  After cure, the stators travel through a cooling chamber and exit at 120 °F ready for the next process.

The Results

The oven and integrated cooler reduced labor content freed up manufacturing space and improved process control with tighter temperature uniformity featuring HeatTek’s air flow management.

HeatTek designs and manufactures batch and continuous ovens, furnaces, motor resin application systems and VPI equipment.