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Industrial Oven & Heat Treating Applications

At HeatTek we service a wide variety of thermal systems and process equipment industries. With a background spanning more than five hundred plus combined years of experience in engineering, manufacturing, installing and servicing industrial manufacturing systems, it’s our employees at HeatTek that make the difference. We are highly experienced in custom designing high quality industrial furnaces, industrial ovens, high-production washers and coaters, and custom equipment designed to save production time and reduce costs.

Our experience in designing and manufacturing custom equipment includes a variety of industries. Our industrial oven and furnace expertise extends to the aluminum heat treat and steel heat treating industries for annealing, aging, stress relieving, tempering preheating, hardening and hydrogen embrittlement. We also have experience working with automotive OEMs and suppliers.

Industrial Heat Treating Applications

HeatTek industrial oven & heat treating applications include, but are not limited to:

Our industrial washers, which provide uniform cleanliness and improved efficiency, are used in industries as diverse as closet organizers, fire extinguishers, automotive machined parts, and small IC engines… You name it! Anything needing a high production cleaning or preparation before finishing can be specifically designed to fit your needs. We can convey the parts via belt, monorail, fixture, chain on edge, or batch. We have built them all. Our washers have ranged in size from as small as the size of a desk to as large as 20’ wide, 200’ long.

Utilizing our many years of knowledge, we are adaptable to almost any industry and committed to creating the perfect solution for you. Contact HeatTek today to see how our manufacturing can serve your heat treating application.

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