Finishing Industry

Finishing & Coating Process Ovens

Whether you need a dryer for moisture removal, paint finishing or coating finishing, HeatTek offers the solutions you require with our batch ovens and conveyer ovens. We can provide the answers for all your powder curing, epoxy, dip coating, and drying needs.

Custom Batch Ovens and Conveyer Ovens

At HeatTek, we go further than simply selling standard models. We are specialists in creating custom batch ovens and conveyer ovens to fit your unique requirements. All of our ovens are optimized for your specific needs, such as control interfaces, temperature range, insulation, and ventilation. We custom-design your oven based on your desired production volume and the size of your individual products. Whether your product requires powder paint coating, vinyl or epoxy powder, or other types of drying applications, we will provide you with the best oven for your needs.

Finishing Applications and Processes

Our finishing & coating process ovens are ideal for the coating and paint finishing industries. Some of the applicable processes and applications of our ovens include: 

  • Coated Wire
  • Painted metal components
  • Paint curing
  • Epoxy and Vinyl Powder coating
  • Powder curing
  • Paint finishing
  • Dip coating

Oven Modifications and Rebuilds

Don’t let outdated or obsolete equipment hold you back. HeatTek can modify or rebuild your batch ovens and conveyor ovens to put you ahead in the finishing industry. Some of the benefits of equipment improvement from HeatTek include:

  • Faster production
  • Safer, faster, more reliable conveyors
  • More efficient heating
  • Optimized controls
  • Up-to-date safety improvements 

Support Services

HeatTek provides complete service for your finishing equipment. Whether you use conveyor ovens or batch ovens, we offer total support. This includes preventative maintenance, fire protection systems, and spare parts.

In addition, HeatTek handles:

  • Installation and start up
  • Both ambient and chilled air cooling systems
  • Equipment restoration

HeatTek is your single point of delivery and service for all your finishing equipment needs.