Industrial Oven & Furnace Integration

HeatTek offers complete system integration with the design and installation of our heat-treat, VPI, metal packaging, and washer equipment. By ensuring the controls, electrical programming, and other elements of the new equipment are fully consistent with your existing system, you can maintain a streamlined process that remains consistent with your current operations. Everything from the electrical configuration of the system to the way the functions are monitored is seamlessly integrated with existing equipment.

System Integration Process

Each industrial oven we manufacture can be fully integrated into your existing assembly line, including in terms of how it receives and transmits data. This is made possible through an Ethernet data highway and PLC (programmable logic controller) systems, which allow for full automation of the equipment within the existing line.

An important part of the integration process is integrating the controls. By using a PLC setup, the entire line can be remotely controlled as it transmits data through an Ethernet data highway, allowing for highly efficient and completely uniform operation of the entire process.

Once your equipment is designed to meet your requirements, it’s installed into your assembly line. In automation-reliant industries such as metal packaging, the integration process occurs in the field to ensure that everything is configured the way it needs to for seamless production.

Value of System Integration

The capabilities we offer in terms of electrical and mechanical engineering are top of the line, and that enables us to not only design your industrial oven or furnace to meet your production requirements, but it also allows for full system integration with an existing assembly line. Our quality assurance and service technicians work closely with our on-site engineers to make sure every aspect of your new equipment aligns precisely with your current operations. We not only design custom ovens, VPI systems, and furnaces, but we also design a good part of the system in order to meet your needs. 

Additional Services

In addition to system integration, we offer the following services:

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