Conveyor Belts and Mats

HeatTek offers a wide variety of belts and mats for your thermal processing equipment. Our inventory can be used to replace components in ovens manufactured by HeatTek or any other manufacturers.

We understand that production downtime can be costly. Our dedicated spare parts team is committed to providing you with a reliable, fast source to get your production line back in operation.

The variety of conveyor belts and mats are manufactured to the same quality and performance standards you can always expect from HeatTek. Options include:


Belts and Mats for a Variety of Equipment:

  • Washers
  • IBOs/OBOs
  • Dry-off Ovens
  • Coating Systems
  • Thermal Processing Ovens

Belt and Mat Options

  • Flat wire, mesh, Kevlar, fiberglass, PVDF
  • Any width specifications
  • Up to X°F operating temperature
  • Any other variations customers may want or search a keyword for?


Minimize the risk of being without a belt!


Conveyor belts have a shorter life than most of your oven components. But the stakes are high if a replacement isn’t available when you need it. Belt manufacturers have long lead times and will inevitably extend costly downtime.


Let HeatTek carry a spare belt for your ovens and support you with reliable inventory and a fast turnaround with the Never Settle Stocking Program


How you benefit from the program:

  • Receive your belt in days instead of weeks.
  • Gain peace of mind that you have back-up inventory.
  • Reduce unnecessary equipment downtime.
  • Avoid unnecessary costs.
  • Keep your operations efficient and profitable.


How the program works:


  • Agreements are valid for 18 months.
  • HeatTek will hold inventory of your dedicated belt.
  • We’ll ship your belt as soon as you request it.
  • You won’t receive an invoice until the part is released.
  • Upon release, we will replenish stock of your belt, and the agreement will renew for an additional 18 months.
  • Standard payment terms & conditions apply.


Interested in the HeatTek Stocking Program or need more information?