VPI System Certifications Offered:

VPI System Certifications

In addition to manufacturing new VPI Systems, HeatTek serves the industry in the area of inspection, maintenance and certification of equipment already in the field.  Find out how partnering with HeatTek on an annual inspection program will ensure:


  • Equipment is performing safely and effectively
  • Your risk of resin loss is minimized
  • The chance of expensive downtime due to component failure is reduced
  • Your ISO or EASA certification efforts are supported


HeatTek’s VPI System Certification program can be performed on any manufacturer’s equipment. Annual inspection and certification includes:  


  • Complete mechanical and structural inspection of the system
  • Inspection of components including valves, motors and control switches
  • Calibration and certification of all meters including vacuum, pressure, and temperature to NIST standards (ISO/IES accredited)
  • Full system report and certificate upon completion


Contact the HeatTek Service Experts to learn more about keeping your VPI Equipment optimized for safety, productivity, and compliance.