Laboratory Ovens

For customers who want to bring testing and process development capabilities into their own facilities, HeatTek offers laboratory systems designed and built to meet any specifications.



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 Laboratory ovens equip manufacturers with:

  • The ability to do small runs without affecting the daily production schedule
  • The flexibility of in-house product testing
  • Quicker results
  • Lower costs

Lab ovens options include:

Let HeatTek’s system knowledge and experience provide you with a lab system that is crossfunctional and cost-effective.

Other Development and Testing Options

HeatTek can conduct development and testing within its own facility on state-of-the-art HeatTek equipment. Click here for more information.

Commitment to Sustainability


Along with the world’s leading can makers, HeatTek understands and supports the importance of sustainable technology and net zero processes. Every detail is considered when engineering each of HeatTek’s Evolve Systems to ensure your sustainability goals are met or exceeded.


  • Reduced gas usage through airflow and temperature optimization

  • Minimized virgin water usage and chemical usage through RO technology

  • Options for natural gas alternatives such as electric and infrared technology

  • Recycled materials

  • Consultations and audits for current system health and sustainability impact