Composite Curing System

HeatTek composite curing ovens are custom designed for your processing needs. HeatTek offers many standard predesigned oven packages as well as custom sized ovens for your application. Other components built by HeatTek used in your composite curing ovens include product load carts and vacuum ports and connection points.

Carts for these composite curing ovens are made from light weight materials to aid in quick heat up of the product. This also reduces the energy demands allowing more heat to get to the part in a shorter period of time. Air flows in the ovens are designed using combination – cross flow – or top down air that meets +/- 5'F temperature uniformity insuring even heating of the parts.

Composite Curing Oven Features

HeatTek composite curing ovens provide the following:

  • Control systems include temperature and vacuum monitoring and recording
  • Uses Ethernet data transfer between you PLC or factory data collection system
  • PID control of the heat cycle - control of temperatures during the entire cycle
  • Controlled exhaust volumes allow for controlled cooling
  • Able to reduce stress cracking in the product after processing

All aluminum aging batch ovens are certified for temperature uniformity requirements prior to shipment and as a service by HeatTek Service Technicians after your oven is in operation.

Oven Modifications & Rebuilds

When process requirements change, older ovens can be modified or rebuilt to meet current design standards and increase throughput or efficiency. Changes include new conveyors, increased energy efficiency, longer dwell times in the heat zones and new controls. HeatTek will transform the equipment to “like new” conditions providing additional years of service at a comparatively lower cost.

Support Equipment and Services

HeatTek offers complete turnkey systems. Other products and equipment offered with our systems include: