Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI) Systems

HeatTek, Inc offers vacuum pressure impregnation (VPI) systems ranging in size from 2'-0" to 14'-0" in diameter. Our VPI systems can be used for applications such as impregnating, sealing and insulating of electrical components.

Our typical vacuum pressure impregnation systems include the following:

  • Process chambers with hydraulically operated doors and locking rings. All chambers are designed for full vacuum and 100 PSI and include all pertinent safety devices and interlocks.
  • We offer bolt-down, davit swing chamber doors for chamber sizes 2’-0” to 6’-0” at a cost savings.
  • Storage reservoirs are designed for atmospheric as well as full vacuum service and come complete with an insulated cooling jacket.
  • High-quality vacuum pumping systems.
  • Integral chiller/circulation pump systems that operate on resin temperature requirements.
  • Low-speed agitators operate via timers and come complete with vapor or vacuum seals.
  • NEMA-rated electrical controls and wiring ensure an operator-friendly panel and process.

All of HeatTek's emotor impregnation systems are factory-assembled and tested as applicable. They also include commissioning/training in your facility.

HeatTek, Inc. offers a variety of options allowing the customer to customize their vacuum pressure impregnation (VPI) system to meet both requirements and budget.

VPI System Options

Typical options for our VPI systems are:

  • Chamber rotor shaft extension, false bottom, liners, and inserts
  • Micron-capable vacuum pumping systems, vacuum boosters, cold traps
  • Resin filtering systems
  • Plant air drying systems
  • Resin level sensor interlocks
  • VPI process automation controls including PLC and MMI
  • PLC / Computer Interface with Process Data Recording Capability
  • Paperless VPI Process Recording System with Windows-based software capable of real-time process review on a computer.
  • Capacitance Meter measurement system.

Our VPI systems are used in a variety of industries including the military, power generation, transportation, aviation, automotive, and oil and gas industries. Insulating electrical coil windings and sealing porous metal castings are just a couple of the many uses for vacuum pressure impregnation. We offer spare parts for all impregnation equipment. For more information about HeatTek's VPI systems, please contact us today.