Industrial Washer Oven

Washer ovens are used to  aluminum or steel cans. At HeatTek, our washer and dry off ovens are configured to meet your industrial requirements, allowing for a wide range of can diameters and heights. From the conveyor system to the heating and washing elements of the system, every piece can be customized to meet your operational needs, regardless of your industry.

Washer Dry Off Oven Features and Capabilities

Our systems accommodate a wide range of can washing and drying requirements using highly precise engineering and high quality materials. The various features of our systems include: 

  • Throughput of up to 6,000 CPM
  • 1 and 2 zone capacity options
  • Full length internal exhaust system, including entrance and exit air seals
  • Multiple nozzle height adjustment options, including manual and automatic
  • Temperature ranges up to 500°F

The conveyor system also comes with various features, including: 

  • Dual rack and pinion tension system
  • Multiple slide bed options, including precision bent 409 stainless steel perforated and stainless steel herringbone patterns
  • Belt tracking system designed for reliability and precision
  • Included belt cutting and welding station
  • Synthetic kevlar, stainless steel, or fiberglass belts

Our washer dry off ovens are capable of highly efficient operation, keeping area temperatures down and utilizing various technologies for ideal air circulation and ease of maintenance. 

Washer Oven Applications

Each industrial application has its own nuances that require precise scaling and technologies to produce the best results. The applications our industrial washer ovens can be used for include: 

Each unit can be customized with specially crafted components, allowing for all ranges of can sizes, throughput requirements, and industrial regulations. 

Additional Services 

In addition to the manufacture and installation of custom washer ovens, we provide a wide range of services designed to assist you in your industry. These include:

For more information about our services or about the capabilities of our industrial washer dry off ovens, contact HeatTek.