Oven Retrofits and Rebuilds

With HeatTek’s years of industry experience, we can rebuild your outdated oven or control system to meet current modern standards. Whether the changes are for electrical controls only, upgrading the conveying system, upgrading the combustion system, or a complete rebuild of the internal and external housing, HeatTek has the knowledge and capability to retrofit, rebuild or service your equipment.

Changes can be made in the field or at the HeatTek facility. During the retrofit/rebuild process, we will work closely with suppliers to source the best replacement parts for your oven. We will provide components to match your existing equipment and current design and use the latest materials to restore your oven to the maximum performance level.

 Pin Oven Retrofits:

HeatTek offers the following rebuilds and retrofits for pin ovens:

  • Conveyor improvements that include sprockets, shafts and bearings
  • Precision sprocket alignment
  • Increase production rates
  • Burner and fuel train upgrades
  • Chain upgrade for increased life (3+ years documented)
  • Electrostatic oiler retrofits

Conveyor Retrofits:

Conveyor retrofit options include:

  • Precision bent S.S. perforated slide bed
  • Reliable front end belt tracking system
  • Proprietary back end belt tracking assistance for longer IBOs
  • Built-in belt cutting and welding station
  • Dual rack and pinion tension system
  • Steel conveyor to a synthetic conveyor
  • Upgrade to fiberglass and Kevlar mats

Conveyor retrofits can provide numerous benefits for your production:

  • Up to 80% reduction in energy use
  • Increased production rates by ~15%
  • Longer hold times providing better Datapak curves that meet coating suppliers recommended hold times
  • No metal fines or lubricants
  • Belts/mats that do not require heat sealing
  • Reduced oven zone temperatures for dramatic energy use reduction
  • Fast & efficient installations by our skilled, experienced crew

Supply Duct Retrofits

HeatTek offers the following rebuilds and retrofits for supply ducts:

  • Nozzle retrofit
  • BPANI perf retrofit
  • Duct door access for easy removal of nozzles and perf
  • Support Equipment and Services
  • HeatTek offers complete turnkey systems.

Other products and equipment offered with our systems include:

  • Fire Protection Systems
  • Ambient Air Cooling Systems
  • Chilled Air Cooling Systems
  • Installation
  • Start up Service
  • Preventative Maintenance Service
  • Spare Parts

Commitment to Sustainability


Along with the world’s leading can makers, HeatTek understands and supports the importance of sustainable technology and net zero processes. Every detail is considered when engineering each of HeatTek’s Evolve Systems to ensure your sustainability goals are met or exceeded.


  • Reduced gas usage through airflow and temperature optimization
  • Minimized virgin water usage and chemical usage through RO technology
  • Options for natural gas alternatives such as electric and infrared technology
  • Recycled materials
  • Consultations and audits for current system health and sustainability impact