Conveyor Furnaces, Ovens and Industrial Washers for Foundry Industry

HeatTek’s foundry applications include equipment used in:

  •  Sand Casting
  • Lost-foam Casting
  • Investment Casting
  • Ceramic mold Casting
  • Die casting

Conveyor Furnaces for Foundry IndustryMeeting the quality requirements of each casting method requires industry knowledge and real-life experience.  With our years of experience in the Foundry industry, HeatTek offers a wide range of products used in various stages of the foundry.   All of the equipment is designed for temperatures below the melting point of the metal being processed.  The equipment offered includes the following:

  • Box furnaces heating various types of molds
  • Ovens for drying lost foam process molds
  • Ovens for drying Core Wash on Sand cores.
  • Drop Bottom Heat treat furnaces for casting and sheet metal
  • Car Bottom furnaces for stress relieved weldments on finished cast parts
  • Pusher furnaces for castings and formed parts
  • Quench tanks and systems for quickly cooling parts
  • Coolers Systems
  • Parts washers used in removing metal chips and prior to painting processes
  • Custom conveying equipment designed for the payload and location

Our custom designed conveyor furnaces, ovens & industrial washers for Foundry Industry increase production volumes, reduce scrap, operate consistently due to tight control of the operating requirements, and improve quality when that is the goal. 

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Conveyor Furnaces for Foundry IndustryConveyor Furnaces for Foundry IndustryConveyor Furnaces for Foundry Industry