Car Bottom Furnaces

HeatTek's car bottom furnaces are custom designed for a range of low to high temperatures for steel, alloys and aluminum. Our car bottom furnaces utilize multiple high/low burner arrangements based on the size and temperature creating military and aerospace required uniformities. 

Car Bottom Furnace Features:

  • Available processes: Curing, heat treating, stress relief and annealing
  • Processing atmospheres: Nitrogen, argon, nitrogen/hydrogen or  other process required atmospheres
  • Materials processed: Steel, alloys and aluminum
  • Products processed:  Aerospace components, automotive structural frames, rail and train parts, and electric motor frames
  • Temperature Range: 300’F to 2000’F
  • Quench Options: Car bottom furnaces utilize quench systems with either straight water or varying concentrations of glycol water mixtures.  The temperature is controlled to match final desired end results. Air quench options are also available.

Design Features:

  • Multiple high/low burner arrangements to for military and aerospace required uniformities
  • PLC controls and remote operator stations
  • Hot or cold rail cars utilizing powered lift seals
  • Low-Nox Indirect fired burners for lower emissions
  • Vertical lift doors or doors integrated into the load car
  • Data acquisition systems to monitor:
    • Combustion system
    • Gas combustion
    • Combustion air temperature
    • Combustion air pressure
    • Gas pressure of each burner
    • Combustion system faults
    • System power consumption
    • Load car positioning
    • Operating temperatures
    • Product load temperature monitoring
    • System faults

Rail cars feature load beds designed to handle custom loads supported by piers and alloy support beds. Cars are designed to use either attached end walls or vertical lift doors that seal onto soft ceramic blanket insulation. Bottom seals are often used to seal the cart perimeter giving the best seal.

Aftermarket Services & Spare Parts

We provide aftermarket services and spare parts for all industrial car bottom furnaces. We offer a reliable source of high-quality replacement parts and components for industrial car bottom furnaces manufactured by HeatTek and other manufacturers. Through our extensive industry experience, we understand the importance of repairing your equipment as fast as possible to minimize production downtown and our dedicated spare parts team is ready to help you.

Types of Spare Parts include:

  • Combustion components, including burners, flame rods, regulators, igniters and pressure switches
  • Conveyors, chain, fixtures, and tooling
  • Electrical components, including fuses, relays, switches and controllers
  • Drives, motors and transmissions
  • Fans, blowers and air kits
  • Pumps, valves, nozzles and pipe fittings
  • Replacement insulation and panels