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Coating Systems Retrofits and Rebuilds

HeatTek offers retrofit and rebuild services to extend the productive life of your equipment, whether it was originally manufactured by HeatTek or any other manufacturer.

Our experienced engineers and technicians work closely with you to provide a refurbished or upgraded system that meets the same high-quality standards you have come to expect from HeatTek.

Our expertise in retrofits and rebuilds covers the same broad range of technologies as our new equipment offering. HeatTek equipment rebuilds and upgrades are available for any coating method, heating process, resin type, conveying option or production volume.

Available Coating Systems Retrofits and Rebuilds:

HeatTek offers the following retrofits and rebuilds for coating systems:

  • Replacing damaged and worn trickle head and roll coating actuators and positioners
  • Supplying and stocking of new supply tubing, fittings and mixing equipment for all resin types
  • Replacement and rebuilds of all types of fluid and air handling pumps
  • Replacing and repairing of oven body and heating systems
  • Replacing, repairing, and upgrading conveyors, chain, fixtures, and conveyor components
  • Replacement of part hangers, part grippers and EOAT
  • Upgrading control packages including entire new PLC based control systems, HMIs and control panels
  • Replacing and repairing heating elements, burner tubes, and burner systems
  • Upgrades and replacement to hydraulic, pneumatic and other power systems
  • Upgrades and replacing and repairing exhaust systems and Fire Safety Systems
  • Replacement dip/quench tanks and resin overflow catch pans and trays
  • Replacement of worn conveyor transfer equipment
  • Upgrades that will update equipment to the latest safety requirements and guarding

During the process, we will work closely with suppliers to source the best replacement parts for your coating system. We will provide components to match your existing equipment and current design and use the latest materials, restoring your equipment to the maximum performance level possible.

Equipment can be refurbished on site at your facility or in HeatTek’s factory.