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Aluminum Annealing Ovens with Product Carts

Industry: General Contractor

Application: To produce industrial-grade aluminum foil

Product: Aluminum Annealing Ovens

Learn more below about how we were able to come to a solution for this company.

The Problem

A General contractor came to HeatTek with an opportunity to provide several aluminum annealing ovens and controls in a facility that produces industrial-grade aluminum foil.

The contractor was familiar with HeatTek due to a recent project where an aerospace components dryer was supplied on time and under budget.

The end user top priority was safety and the requirements of the equipment included:

  • must be durable
  • operate safely
  • operate efficiently in a high volume and demanding 24/7 industrial environment
  • protect the operators and other plant production workers in the immediate area
  • meet the latest NFPA, IEC, and OSHA requirements

The Solution

HeatTek worked with the customer to incorporate a visual scanning/monitoring system in the area outside and under the ovens’ door preventing operators from entering the load area during an unsafe condition.

In collaboration with their project manager and the end user’s engineering team, HeatTek met the specifications and received an order for three identical units. The ovens were designed along with a product load cart that accepts the customer’s product.

The Results

HeatTek was chosen because of pricing, quick design and manufacturing/Installation timeframe, and the additional services offered including shipping, on-site installation assistance/supervision, commissioning and complete operator training.