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Slat Conveyor Oven Case Study

Industry: Automotive

Application: Heat Treating

Product: Slat Conveyor Oven

Learn more below about how we were able to come to a solution for this company.


The Problem

A Tier 1 automotive supplier needed 3 slat conveyor ovens for thermal testing of occupant safety-related parts to meet stringent DOT standards.

The Solution

HeatTek manufactured custom Slat Conveyor Ovens to meet the DOT standards for the automotive supplier. The electrically-heated ovens provide (2) zone heating with a final zone for cooling. The ovens heat the product to 100°C for a minimum of 30 seconds. The ovens were supplied with an indexing slat conveyor, vertical lift doors, touch screen operator interface, quick-change slat tooling, light curtains and enhanced guarding for operator safety.

The Results

The Tier 1 automotive supplier was able to utilize the conveyor ovens for thermal testing while meeting the DOT standards.

We are continuing to work with automotive integrators today which includes:

  • ATS (Detroit and Canada)
  • MWES (Wisconsin)
  • Pari (Detroit and India)
  • Cardinal Machine (US)
  • Odawara (Ohio and Japan)
  • Tecnomatic  (Italy)
  • Comau (Detroit)
  • Lonxo (Hong Kong) Lonco
  • Aumann (Germany)
  • Grob (Detroit – Germany)
  • ISC (Detroit)
  • Gilman Eng (Wisconsin)
  • Turnkey Systems (Wisconsin)