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Powder Coating Motor Armatures

Industry: Trolling Motor Industry

Application: Epoxy Coat Rotor Windings

Product: Motor Armatures

Learn more below about how we were able to provide a solution for this company.

The Problem

The armatures were being coated by manually dipping the parts in a fluidized bed.  The dipping process was difficult for the employee and it exposed the operator to the coating process. 

The Solution

HeatTek has supplied two compact in-line fully automated armature coating systems employing the latest fluidized bed coating technology.

The Results

The systems preheat armatures with resistance heating, roll coats the armatures in a fluidized bed, cures the powder coating with resistance heating and convectively cools the armatures. Armatures are automatically conveyed thru the preheat, powder coat and cure stations with a walking beam. The system features an auger-fed fluidized bed, a vacuum return of powder to the reservoir and a fully integrated air filtration system. The system can process up to 90 armatures per hour.