Industrial Heating Retrofits

Sometimes your existing metal packaging equipment still works, but you need certain modifications to fully capitalize on the available new technology and propel your operation forward. In that case, HeatTek provides oven & washer retrofitting services to help you make the best use of your current thermal system.

HeatTekā€™s engineers are constantly updating their offerings to include the most modern advances in conveyors, oven, and washer machinery for new builds. With an oven or washer retrofit, you can receive many of the same benefits of the new technology at a significant savings.

What Machines Can HeatTek Retrofit?

HeatTek focuses retrofitting efforts on metal packaging industry products including:

Why is a Retrofit Needed?

There are a number of reasons why a particular piece of equipment would need a retrofit:

  • One element of the equipment is out of date – If your Pin Oven’s or IBOs internal and external housing are still in good shape, but your conveyor needs consistent repair and maintenance, this is an ideal situation for a conveyor retrofit. HeatTek can also update electrical controls or rebuild machine housing.
  • Your business has expanded in scope – A great problem for any business to have is growth. When your sales growth exceeds your fulfillment capabilities because of lagging production speeds, an oven rebuild or retrofit can produce increased production rates with existing equipment.
  • You’re altering product design – If your new product design is incompatible with portions of your current equipment, a retrofit can create a machine capable of producing your intended design.
  • Stages 1 & 2 of a washer is due for an overhaul – After many years of service the tanks in these stages start to leak & cause further issues. This would be the ideal time while the line is down to replace, upgrade, and audit many other components of the washer.

How Does a Retrofit Work?

The process involved with a rebuild or retrofit will depend on your equipment and specific needs. HeatTek engineers will review the specifications, capability, and condition of your current equipment. They’ll then design a retrofit that will create a solution for your business-specific problem. The alterations can be made in the field or at our facilities. The service and training team can instruct you on the correct operating procedures and ensure your familiarity with the new portions of your machine.

Conveyor Retrofits

Retrofitting an oven conveyor is very common. It includes some wonderful benefits and capabilities to your business including:

  • Up to 80% reduction in energy use when retrofitting from a Steel Conveyor to a Synthetic Conveyor
  • Production Rate increases of roughly 15%
  • Longer Hold Times Providing Better Datapak Curves that meet Coating Suppliers Recommended Hold Times
  • No Metal Fines or Lubricants
  • Glass & Kevlar Mats that do not require Heat Sealing
  • Reduced Oven Zone Temperatures – Dramatic Energy Reduction
  • Fast & Efficient Installations by our Skilled/Experienced Crew
  • Start Up & Oven Balancing
  • Synthetic Fiberglass Conveyor Mat – Over 100 Operating in Plants
  • Precision Bent 409 S.S. Perforated Slide Bed
  • Reliable Front End Belt Tracking System
  • Proprietary Back End Belt Tracking Assistance for Longer IBO’s
  • Built in Belt Cutting & Welding Station
  • Dual Rack & Pinion Tension System

Pin Oven Retrofits

In addition to Conveyor Retrofits, retrofitting a Pin Oven can create huge efficiency gains for your operation. These include:

  • Conveyor Improvements that include Sprockets, Shafts & Bearings
  • Precision Sprocket Alignment
  • Increased Production Rates
  • Burner & Fuel Train Upgrades
  • Increased Chain Life – Over 2 Years Documented
  • Electrostatic Oiler Retrofits

Washer Retrofits

During a washer overhaul, much of the focus is on replacing the tanks especially for stages 1 & 2. During this scheduled overhaul it’s a great time to upgrade other areas of the washer system. These include but not limited to:

  • Complete tank replacement
  • Quick change adjustment on hold down mats and blow-offs
  • Hold down mats
  • Risers
  • Rerouting and replacing header piping
  • Air knife and blow-off systems
  • Access doors and roof panels
  • UHMW slides
  • Value can guides
  • Slide bed and drain pans
  • Washer Oven burner and gas train upgrades

When you want to increase production efficiency or alter your machine capabilities at a reduced price, a retrofit by HeatTek can be the perfect solution.