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Impregnation System Retrofits & Upgrades

HeatTek, Inc offers impregnation system retrofits & upgrades, rebuilds and updates for any impregnation system in the field today. A variety of reasons may lead you to retrofit your impregnation system including a resin change, meeting a new customer supplied specification, minimizing operator involvement, etc.

HeatTek, Inc’s system knowledge and experience will allow you to meet all your system requirements in the shortest time possible and at the lowest possible cost.

Typical system retrofits may include some or all of the following:

  • Process chamber updates of all pertinent safety devices and interlocks.
  • New storage reservoir rated for vacuum service or adding an insulated cooling jacket.
  • Update vacuum pumping system including micron-capable vacuum pumping system, vacuum boosters, and cold traps.
  • Integrate chiller/circulation pump systems that operate on resin temperature or with newer Freon.
  • Retrofit to low-speed agitators that operate via timers and come complete with vapor or vacuum seals.
  • Integrate Resin filtering systems.
  • Upgrade Plant air drying systems.
  • Resin level sensor interlocks.
  • VPI process automation controls including PLC and HMI.
  • PLC / Computer Interface with Process Data Recoding Capability.
  • Paperless VPI Process Recording System with Windows-based software capable of real-time process review on a computer.
  • Capacitance Meter measurement system