Employee Testimonials

This is what HeatTek employees have to say about working here!


Dan T. | Mechanical Assembler

One of the aspects I appreciate most is HeatTek's focus on quality while my previous employer was more concerned about quantity. I'm able to take the necessary time to do the job correctly. And the culture at HeatTek is far more positive than I've experienced with other employers. I have great benefits, and the company's leaders are accessible, approachable and flexible.

Brad R. | Sales Engineer 

You just feel something good here. The care HeatTek gives to employees is genuine and makes you feel like a part of a family.

Looking back on my first exposure to HeatTek over six years ago, I'm so glad I ended up where I did. As I was finishing college, I had an offer with a different company. However, I learned about an opportunity with HeatTek, scheduled an interview, but then almost cancelled it to save myself the drive across the state ... But something told me not to. In that interview, it quickly became clear that this is what I wanted – a small company that, not only cared about the work they did, but also the people that did it. I met with various people, walked around the shop floor, and ended the day in the owner's office where he told me about the company's growth and even showed me, a prospective hire, the building expansion plan. I left that day with a new standard of what an employer should look like. And thankfully, I got the offer from HeatTek!

Dan R. | Project Engineer

I appreciate the freedom I have as an engineer and the amount of trust the company puts in me to create custom products. I make a lot of my own decisions every day without having to cut through the corporate red tape that typically surrounds engineers of commercial products. I enjoy the variety of projects and pace at which we move through them. It keeps my job interesting from both the day-to-day and bigger picture perspective. 

It's impressive to see the level of dedication that people here have for their work. Not strictly just the time they put in, but all the care and attention that goes into creating the best possible final product. There's a strong 'can-do' attitude here that propels us towards good solutions. 


Keith S. | Mechanical Team Lead

HeatTek provides more than just a place of employment. Employees are treated like family. Since the day I joined HeatTek nearly 21 years ago, I have felt taken care of and treated fairly. All positions are equally important and valued. Between the generous benefits, company outings, and focus on safety and wellness, HeatTek has a thriving culture and a happy team of employees.

HeatTek is also forward-thinking when it comes to growth – both growth of the business within our markets and growth of employees within the company. The opportunities are endless!

Mike M. | Mechanical Team Lead

One of the best parts of my job is the variety in my work. Every day is different. And when HeatTek wins, the leadership team is sure to recognize everyone as a contributor to the success. Everyone’s role is important.

Justin M. | Sales EngineerJM

The best part of my job is solving unique industry challenges and seeing the confidence our customers have in HeatTek's expertise. I’m extremely excited about what the future holds for HeatTek and my career here. We are in thriving markets that are seeing explosive growth, and I'm fortunate to be along for the ride. 


Martin C. | Field Service Technician

HeatTek is family first. 100%. No exceptions. Family life trumps everything.  Coworkers are not just coworkers but more like friends. There are countless long-term employees, which is always a good indicator of a great place to work. I wasn’t part of the group of people who have been at HeatTek since the beginning and have made the company what it is, but to be a part of that story now is humbling. We are growing in a manner that is sustainable, profitable, but more importantly, still sticking by the values that have gotten us this far.  

Karin M. | Human Resources Specialist

Every aspect of HeatTek's culture is so genuine. You can go to anyone with a question or issue, and no matter their status or rank, he or she will take the time to help you. I am also amazed by HeatTek's long history of going above and beyond to assist employees in need.

HeatTek has been growing, especially in the last few years. Although growth always brings change, decisions are made with intention and after careful consideration of those affected.

In difficult situations, when everything doesn't go according to plan, employees acknowledge their errors and quickly work toward a solution. 


 Melissa S. |  Marketing Manager                                     

Every company I’ve ever worked for has had a token set of “Company Values” that employees are encouraged to subscribe to. In most cases, they were aspirations and just words on a sign in the lobby. At HeatTek, our values are real. They're fully engrained in the culture. This makes all the difference ... when everyone is using the same approach, you get teams that enjoy each other, work well together, and are consistently successful.