Quality Industrial Ovens

At HeatTek, making sure our equipment meets your requirements is one of our chief concerns, which is why we use a variety of internal quality control processes to ensure the reliability of our products. We build our systems to match the requirements of your industry. Each piece of equipment we manufacture undergoes extensive testing to make sure it will hold up to your industrial applications.

Criteria and Certifications

Our equipment is manufactured to meet the requirements of various industrial standards and regulations, including:

  • NFPA 86
  • FM Global
  • NEC

To ensure that our equipment meets these standards as well as your unique industrial specifications, we put every piece of equipment through rigorous testing, including Datapaq and FAT assessments and VPI calibrations.

Heat Profile Testing

Heat profile processes use highly precise telemetry in order to produce accurate reports on temperature and thermal profiling, ensuring both regulatory compliance and high-quality processing. As part of our quality control processes, heat profile testing ensures every piece of equipment we manufacture and install operates exactly as you need it to.

Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)

Another part of our quality control process takes place right in your facility with the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT). This is a process used to make sure the equipment installed meets the desired requirements indicated in your order, and it incorporates a thorough inspection of the system. This includes:

  • The creation of a Functional Requirements Document (FRD) during the early stages of the project
  • Pretesting of the system prior to the FAT
  • Submission of a FAT procedure to you as well as a schedule for the test date
  • Inspection of the equipment in the presence of the system owner, project manager, etc.
  • Verification of workmanship
  • Verification that the equipment meets indicated specifications and requirements

Once the process is complete, any non-conformities are listed and dealt with.


All HeatTek chambers are built to ASME standards   Vacuum pressure impregnation systems require highly precise calibration in order to ensure efficient and safe operation. Each instrument is calibrated to control instrument.  For this reason, HeatTek provides VPI system reviews, instrument calibration, and training. 

Additional Services

In addition to the testing and certification of our equipment, we also provide the following services:

To learn more about our services or to place an order, contact HeatTek today.