Thermal Systems Rebuilds & Upgrades

With HeatTek’s years of industry knowledge and experience we can handle your industrial oven rebuild and thermal system upgrades of your outdated machines to meet current modern standards. Whether the changes are for electrical controls only, upgrading the conveying system, or a complete rebuild of the internal and external housing – HeatTek has the know how and capability to make the changes. Industrial oven rebuilds can be made in the field or at our facilities. Contact the HeatTek sales department to arrange an inspection to see if this is an option for you.



Oven Modifications & Rebuilds

When process requirements change, older ovens can be modified or rebuilt to meet current design standards and increase throughput or efficiency. Changes include new conveyors, increased energy efficiency, longer dwell times in the heat zones and new controls. HeatTek will transform the equipment to “like new” conditions providing additional years of service at a comparatively lower cost.

Support Equipment and Services

HeatTek offers complete turnkey systems. Other products and equipment offered with our systems include:

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