Furnace Rebuilds and Upgrades

Furnace Rebuilds
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HeatTek, Inc., a leading manufacturer of industrial furnaces and ovens, offers furnace rebuilding and upgrading services to extend the productive life of your equipment.  Our experienced engineers and technicians work closely with you to provide a refurbished or upgraded furnace that meets the same high quality standards you have come to expect from HeatTek.

Available Furnace Upgrades:

HeatTek offers the folllowing upgrades & rebuilds for furnaces:

During the refurbishment or upgrade, we will work closely with your and our suppliers to source the best replacement parts for your furnace. We will provide components to match your existing equipment and current design and use the latest materials, restoring your oven or furnace to the maximum performance level possible.

Equipment can be refurbished on site at your facility or in HeatTek’s factory.Call today to see how we can solve your manufacturing challenge. Need a part? We also offer spare parts for all of our industrial furnaces.

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